Lighthearted and romantic Pink

10 Mar

Pink is the color which describes our dreams, our illusions, our life.

Pink is the color of love, of valentine cards and gift boxes for girls.

Pink is a famous singer and i really like her music!

Alfred Carl Hottes said “Pink  is the color of romance and a friend tells me that the girl with the pink dress at the party is one who is selected for each dance”.

Let’s see some pink looks in order to be selected not for each dance but for each good thing in this world! 🙂

1st look

-Petites Rose Paperbag Shorts from MISSSELFRIDGE [£32.00]
-ASOS Tailored Draped Jacket [£45.00]
-ASOS PIANO Platform Court Shoes [£45.00]
-ASOS Nude Round Retro Sunglasses [£12.00]
-Eagle Wing Stud Earrings from TOPSHOP[£7.50]
-ASOS Modern Armour Cuff [£15.00]
-Semi Precious Etched Band Ring from TOPSHOP[£8.50]
-Large Rose Quartz Ring from TOPSHOP [£12.50]
-Bird Over Stone Ring from TOPSHOP[£14.00]
-ASOS Grosgrain Clutch With Perspex Clasp [£30.00]
2nd look
-Gelateria Romper from MODCLOTH [$49.99]
-Knit Front Cardigan with Contrast Back from ASOS [£30.00]
-LANE Coral Cut Out Clog from MISSSELFRIDGE [£45.00]
-Coral twist lock bag from DOROTHYPERKINS [£22.00]
-Beige Straw Boater Hat with Flower Ribbon and Bow detail from RIVERISLAND [£16.99]-Pink flower stone ring from DOROTHYPERKINS[£10.00]
-Pink flower stone studs from DOROTHYPERKINS [£7.50]
-Gold delicate band ring from DOROTHYPERKINS [£7.50]
-Mixed stretch bangle pack from DOROTHYPERKINS [£7.50]
-Nail Polish Miami Peach No.203 from Chanel [$25.00]
3rd look
-Ted Baker Naidaa Satin Platform Court Shoes from Asos [£90.00]
-Cupcake Connoisseur Dress from ModCloth [$74.99]
-Glitter with Glamour Clutch from ModCloth [$41.99]
-Flower stone stacking ring set from DOrothyPerkins[£8.50]
-ASOS Chiffon Flower Stud Earrings (+) [£6.00]
-Oasis Short Bow Pearl Necklace from ASOS [£8.00]
-ASOS Skinny Alice Band With Domed Heart [£6.00]
-Chanel Jade Rose No.493 from [$25.00]
-Miss Dior Cherie from [$85.00]
Thank you for attention! xo xo

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