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Another dimension:Italy

31 Aug

On 22th of August, over a week ago i was back from Italy, for the first time in my life i was alone, without my family on the plain, for the first time in my life i was in Romania(at Timişoara Airport, unfortunately i didn’t have a chance to see this country ). After 2 months of another dimension, it was a little bit strange to see again country where you have been living all your life. Even if it was my third trip to Italy, i can’t get enough of Italy. Italy is a different country, so shiny, colorful etc. The people of Italy are so hospitable, funny and talkative:D that you won’t have a moment without a good mood. Why time goes by so fast? Va bene :D, let me write down something about my voyage, even if i didn’t visit a lot of historical places during my living in Bisceglie, i fully enjoyed the relaxing water of The Adriatic Sea, i had a new experience, cause i remained for 2 weeks alone in Italy, i improved my italian, i met new people and the people i know. I enjoyed La Cucina Italiana [italian cuisine], which i adore!!! I like this country, cause it never makes me feel lonely, foreign, it detaches me from the daily monotony and life problems. There everything is different. The people are not that influenced by politics. The italians have their soul shinning light, are more positive, know how to enjoy every moment…Now i understand that
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